Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Actor Tim Robbins gets purged from voter rolls

Upon arriving to vote at the same place he has voted for 10 years, Tim Robbins was told that he was not registered and would have to place a provisional vote.

Whether a provisional ballot is counted is contingent upon the verification of that voter's eligibility and eventual approval by party monitors.

The problem with provisional ballots is that they can be used as "a way to brush off troublesome voters by letting them think they have voted.

Many allege that the discrepancies in determining the validity of provisional votes, in Ohio in 2004, may have been the deciding factor in the outcome of the election.

In the 2004 election, at least 1.9 million provisional ballots were cast, and 676,000 were never counted due to various states' rules on counting provisional ballots.

Well Tim Robbins wasn’t going to take the chance with a provisional ballot, so went to the City Board of Elections to obtain proof that he was registered.

"This is what you have to do to vote," he said. "What happened was that my name was not on the rolls, and I'm not the only one.

While I was waiting, thirty people...in the first five hours had been taken off the rolls...You do the math on that: Six per hour, per district, across America?"

He actually seemed pretty cool about it in the video (link below). His T-Shirt is really cool too!

There's some video here.

Reference People Web site here.

PS: Great now I'm linking to People magazine and TMZ, what a screwed up electoral system.

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