Thursday, October 2, 2008

Why Quebec artists make my GTA lawn sign more important

Heritage Canada is a little upset at an article printed in Le Devoir on Monday claiming that the New Media fund is already dead and no longer receives any requests for assistance from producers.

So the Department issued this a quick press release today saying they haven't made up their minds yet.

Of course Heritage didn't react back in August when the Post first brought it up here and the Globe confirmed it here.

And what point are they trying to make here, elect us and we might decide to extend the program.

Methinks, the Tories might be giving up on getting those extra seats in Quebec if this is the best they can do in response to Le Devoir and the large Quebec artistic community.

My 4' x 3'  Mississauga, lawn sign is getting more important everyday.

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Beijing York said...

Sounds like some desperate back peddling to me. The arts and culture community aren't easily pitted against each other, so unless Harper re-instates all the funding cuts, I don't think a policy of appeasing one creative group at a time is going to work. There is incredible solidarity among creative folk.