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Flaherty takes credit for our banking system

Apparently our Finance Minister Jim Flaherty is taking credit for the Canadian banking system where our five monopolistic banks have to maintain set ratios to remain sanctioned.

The rules have been there long before Flaherty even started screwing up Ontario's finances.

This is basically the same as Tony Clement our Minister Heath taking credit for universal health care.

Anyway in typical Flaherty style he then placed his other foot in his mouth by taking a shot at the other industrialized countries as he was a boarding a plane to meet with them at an emergency G7 meeting.
“I can say with confidence (to) Canadians that today our financial institutions are well-capitalized in Canada, which cannot be said in a number of another countries in the world,” he assured reporters in Toronto.
Sorry Jim, somehow this week’s 1% increase in my TD equity loan or the fact that banks aren’t lending money to anybody, might be the real problem here and I don't really think the G7 appreciate your smugness either.

Please Oshawa, your country needs you. Vote this clown out of office, our country's finances depend upon it.

Vote ABC.


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