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There goes a good idea up in smoke

The Liberals have decided to attack Layton over his alleged deal with Marc Emery and his BC Marijuana Party.
It appears quite clear through the work and financial support Mr. Emery gave to the NDP, he believes he has lived up his end of this agreement. However, when asked about this deal in Edmonton, yesterday, Mr. Layton denied there was ever a deal.

The questions that Mr. Layton still needs to answer are: Why did Mr. Emery raise money and work so hard for so long for the NDP? And what was he promised in return? Liberal Press Release here
Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. This is the most ridiculous political move I’ve seen in years. You are foolishly inserting marijuana decriminalization into the election from position of weakness.

It was the Liberal Party that has twice proposed to decriminalize marijuana possession and it is the Liberal party that has twice failed to do so.

It raises the question of where do you stand on decriminalization now.

Focus, on the enemy here. Let Harper attack Layton then counter with a more realistic approach to our drug laws and real crime prevention.

It’s Harper’s ideology that threatens this country, not Layton’s.

One of Harper’s main platforms is his law and order stance with it’s harsher mandatory sentencing for possession of marijuana plants. His draconian approach threatens to fill our court rooms and jails and move us back to the early 60’s.

It needs to be attacked, and the importance of decriminalization should be presented as part of a more realistic law and order strategy, not brought into the fray as part of an opportunistic attack on the NDP for cutting a deal with the Marijuana Party. 

As for Emery, if he thought the NDP could or would defend two candidates with YouTube exposure or admit that they made a deal, he’s been smoking too much pot.

He should of kept his mouth shut, but that has always been his problem.


janfromthebruce said…
Liberals haven't figure out that they are not the government. It makes them look like a party of little-minded people fighting for the crumbs.
It shows lack of leadership. This explains why both Harper and Layton's leadership numbers keep going up. Also Layton's performance ratings going up. Liberals just keep flinging mud hoping some of it sticks. It seems that muck is sticking to their fingers which appears they keep on licking.

By the way, good post.
janfromthebruce said…
I just hope that libs figure it out. We need to all fight Harper Conservatives.
leftdog said…
There is NO longer a reason for the Liberal Party of Canada to even exist. The truth that they are UTTERLY phony comes clear in that Lib news release. For years the Libs promised to pass legislation to provide a minimum of decriminalization for minor personal cannibas use. They introduced 2 Bills in the House of Commons and then let them die on the order paper. NOW all of a sudden they are attacking Layton for advocating that which has been Liberal policy for years!

Phony phony phony ... thy name is Liberal!!!!!

Just go off to a quiet corner somewhere ... and just pass away as a political entity in this country!

The rest of us will roll up our sleeves and fight THE REAL ENEMEY ... Harper and his NeoReformers!!1
janfromthebruce said…
And most interestingly, the New Democrats ended up getting lots of attention of folks who want pot "decriminalized" and know that the NDP has for years supported just that, and have policy supporting such. We didn't back down from where we stand on this publicly, and gave Layton the opportunity to state that - repeatedly.

Thanks, Libs.

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