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The National Post does free Tory advertising

The opening paragraph of this attack piece from the National Post is intentionally misleading and is nothing more than an extension of the Tory attacks ads.
From the article: The leading economic organization of the industrialized world is being advised to condemn attempts by countries to impose carbon tariffs on certain imported goods -- an initiative that the Liberal party advocates in its key election-campaign policy, the Green Shift plan.
But when you read the article it is actually about 36 (well oiled) business associations from around the world that are working on a draft for a report that is fearful of the possible protectionism that US government might impose when they move to an expected combination of carbon taxes and or cap and trade,

The argument used by these organizations is that as a country moves forward to impose carbon restraints upon it’s own industries it will be obligated to both protect and even the playing field by introducing tariffs on imported goods produced by countries that are not imposing carbon restraints. Well, that seems logical and actually makes sense.

The fear here is not Dion’s Green Shift or Layton's Cap and Trade, it is what the Americans will do, since they are still the largest consuming market.

However from the title of the piece and the opening paragraph the reader is mislead as it is implied that the OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) is coming out against Dion’s plan.

This is a straight, partisan, hack job by the Nation Post, and although expected, it is still disgusting.


Beijing York said…
It's definitely disgusting. Amazing what passes for journalism these days.

This election has me more worried than any other. The cynic in me sees an overthrow of massive proportions that will guarantee Harper a majority for at least 10 years.

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