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Look for Tory in your riding this week, they'll be the ones spending money

It looks like the $200 million that Flaherty was waving around last spring in a vein attempt to stop GM from announcing the closure of an Oshawa plant is finally going to be spent. 

Harper has finally decided to buy some Ontario votes on the eve of his election call with expected announcements today of federal money for Ford and GM totaling $200 million from his green initiatives fund.

Only this time around the money will be used to upgrade the companies auto parts facilities.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper will be in Windsor, Ont. to offer financial support to Ford for an engine plant and will follow that up within days with more money for a General Motors transmission plant in St. Catharines, Ont.

The combined amount for the two companies could be as high as $200 million.
Meanwhile other Tory Ministers have spread out across the country to offer funding in other key ridings.

From Industry Minister Jim Prentice
  • $2 million for new municipal infrastructure in Port Hope, Ont.
  • $43 million for a research project led by Magellan Aerospace of Mississauga
From Public Safety Minister Christian Paradi
  • $3 million for oilseed research
  • $650,000 for the Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers
From Health Minister Tony Clement who obviously missed the meeting when they were handing out the big cash events was delegated to the smallest amount so far.
  • $1,150 in funding for a park in Port Perry, Ont.
From Defence Minister Peter MacKay
  • $21 million to soldiers who took part in nuclear weapons testing, which is actually part of a law suit settlement brought forward by the surviving soldiers
And from our Environment Minister Baird we fittingly receive confirmation of

$3 million toward a $9 million upgrade to Ottawa several sewage gates this fall and a commitment of $33 million towards a project that would prevent raw sewage from being released into the Ottawa River.

Please please, can we name the sewage facility after Baird.

References: From the Globe here and the CBC here


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