Thursday, September 11, 2008

Converting one voter at a time

Apparently our evangelical prime minister is a big fan of Rosh Hashanah. For the second year in a row the conservatives, well actually Steve, his wife and the two kids, who are featured on the card are sending out Jewish New Year cards to complete strangers.

However one Jewish person in Montreal was upset, since she doesn't vote conservative and isn't a member of any Jewish organizations. She is a little concerned about the privacy issue, that she is on some unknown government database that is sorted by ethnicity or I assume religion.

Meanwhile Karla Kaminsky, another Montrealer wasn’t upset at all when she received her New Year’s card last week, but then she isn’t Jewish.

Apparently the conservatives send out Xmas cards and Chinese New Year cards also.

Canada’s Privacy Commissioner has investigated and determined that the lists do not break any privacy rules, but will be presenting some recommendations later in the year.

There was no mention of happy Ramadan cards for the muslims or Pancha Ganapati cards for the hindus being sent out by the prime ministers family and I assume it’s God help you if you’re an atheist.

Reporting from the campaign trail, day three, via CTV here.


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