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Who is Harper working for, don't think it's the wheat farmers.

Despite the fact that the National Citizen’s Coalition (NCC) has stripped any mention of Harper, their former president, from their web site, Harper continues to push one of the main campaigns of the self described, free enterprise advocacy group.

For decades the NCC has campaigned against the Canadian Wheat Board.

In fact it was the second campaign started by the groups founder Colin M. Brown (his first campaign being the Canadian Heath Act.).

Fortunately for all Canadians we still have a national healthcare system and fortunately for the farmers they still have the Canadian Wheat Board (CWB).

At least it appears that way, based on the record prices achieved by the CWB last year (CBC report here) and the claims made on the CWB site here.
The Canadian Wheat Board (CWB) is a farmer-controlled organization that markets wheat and barley grown by western Canadian producers.
Based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, the CWB is the largest single seller of wheat and barley in the world, holding more than 20 per cent of the international market.
However despite the fact that CWB has the support of the majority of it’s membership and a proven track record of success, Harper continues, the NCC campaign to destroy the CWB.

According to the Liberal Agriculture Critic Wayne Easter here, Harper’s latest move is to change the election rules used by the CWB to elect it’s board members.
The Conservative government’s plan to remove the limit on third-party spending for the Canadian Wheat Board (CWB) director elections is a sell-out of Canadian farmers’ democratic rights.
Harper is eliminating the third party spending limit for the forth coming directors election.
Mr. Easter was reacting to the recent CWB Board of Directors’ opposition to new regulations that would eliminate the current $10,000 spending limit for third-party spending during the upcoming CWB board of directors election.
This would allow big agri-businesses to spend unlimited amounts of money, while actual candidates could only spend $15,000.
Of course with the multi-nationals controlling the board, the CWB which is now controlled by Canadian farmers will become nothing more than an extension of the US farming conglomerates.

And as the NCC site says here.
This is a fight the National Citizens Coalition has been waging for some time, and now we are closer to victory than ever before. (emphasis mine)
Apparently they must know something that the rest of us don't.

PS: In all honesty, I know nothing about farming or wheat (other than it is made into carbs that I don't eat) and I apologize for this post to Buckdog and other progressive bloggers that are more knowledgeable, and have more closely followed and reported on Harpers assault on the CWB.

Unfortunately my experience relates more to corporate greed and influence peddling.


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