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Two sure signs of a fall election

The first sign comes from the Globe and Mail that reports this morning that Dion will be meeting with his “top strategists” next week to “devise a response to Harper's election dare”.

Apparently fuck off Steve, is not acceptable and will only lead to a “triple dog dare” from Harper.
The meeting comes just a few weeks before the national Liberal caucus is to gather in Winnipeg for its annual summer meeting.

Dion has told his MPs he wants to hear what their constituents are saying about his carbon tax or Green Shift plan, which he plans to make the centre piece of the Liberal election platform.

Some Liberals feel that if it's too difficult to sell in 30 seconds at the door, voters will tune out.
Yet, in reality the Tories have given the Green Shift more publicity that the Liberals could have afforded to provide.

And it shouldn’t be that difficult to produce a folded 4 page brochure to explain the neutralizing tax credit part or possibly point out that is the large polluters, that will be taxed (the oil companies would be a good example).

They might even take the time in Winnipeg to come up with some catchy talking points of their own or possibly even some additional platform ideas besides the environment.
Maybe cover off the separation of church and state, protecting of Canadians being illegally held in foreign prisons, re-establishing funding for the rights of women, refocusing the Ministry of Health to cover all Canadians, decriminalizing marijuana, removing the ‘for sale” and “drill here” signs from the far north, and building the school in Attawapiskat, to quickly name a few.
Anyway the Globe article is full of other well placed quotes from unnamed Liberals that the election will happen this fall.

But the real proof in my somewhat delusional mind is last nights Macleans article about MacKay outlining the lease of Soviet helicopters.
An official in MacKay's office, speaking on background recently, said the lease would be an interim measure until the Defence Department completes the $375 million purchase of six American-made CH-47-D Chinook helicopters.
It seems to me that every time someone decides to buy helicopters in this country we have an election. 

I haven't decided who will get my lawn site yet (I live on a bus route) but it won't be Harper.

References: Globe and Mail here and Macleans here.


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