Sunday, August 17, 2008

An open reply to the Taliban

According the the Canadian press the Taliban has issued an open letter to the Canadian people.

In an open letter addressed to "the Canadian people," the Islamic fundamentalist group said Canada "sacrificed" its self-respect by following the "American" agenda.

The Taliban are urging Canadians to press the government to "put an end to the occupation of Afghanistan."

I may be an old, atheist, hippie that hates war and despises the politics and propaganda of right wing ideologues that promote war.

But take heed when it comes to fanatical religious extremists of any stripe that kill innocent people in the name of their fictional gods, I'm armed.

Go fuck yourselves.


Steve V said...

Well said, concise and too the point.

Ti-Guy said...

I maybe be overly suspicious, but of all the details provided with regard to this Taliban letter (its contents, its authorship, when it was dated and when it was released), one detail appears to be missing: who received it.

I'm not prepared to react until I get some sense that this letter even exists and whether it can be examined for authenticity.

Ti-Guy said...

Hang on...the CBC reports that the letter was posted to the Internet and that "the CBC confirmed its authenticity on Sunday after talking to a Taliban spokesman in Kandahar province."

Given the propaganda and counter-propaganda we've been subjected to, I still remain a little suspicious, only because I believe it's in the US's/NATO's interests to keep this conflict going on as long at it can. I firmly believe it should handed to the regional powers (China, India, particularly, but also, Pakistan and Iran) to deal with.

JAWL said...

I thought of that also. Just a another way to take a poll and beat the war drums, especially matched with the picture of the coffins of the aid workers.

But fuck it, I don't like these Taliban assholes and the blogging right wing hoards don't own the outrage that is felt by such an evil acts.