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Keith Moon would of been 62 today

Keith Moon was one of the first to play drums as a lead instrument in an era when drums were supposed only to keep the back beat. He is regarded by many as one of the greatest and most distinctive rock drummers.

Here he is with the Who, playing Who are you

Unfortunately he was also regarded as one of the classic self destructed victims of 70’s rock & roll. Here's a Moon the Loon story.
Once, leaving town on the way to an airport, Moon insisted the band return to their hotel, saying , "I forgot something. We've got to go back!"
When the limo returned, Moon ran to his room, grabbed the TV while it was plugged in, threw it out the window and into the pool. He then jumped back into the limousine, sighing "I nearly forgot."
Here's the band playing Baba O'Riley

However when you read about his early life even in this short bio, you realize that he was crazy before the sex, drugs and rock & roll.
At 17 a month before he joined the Who, Moon assaulted Doug Sandom, who at the time was the Who’s drummer, with a cattle prod leaving him unconscious. Sandom quit the band and during a show with a temporary replacement, Moon approached Daltrey and said "I hear you're looking for a drummer. Well, I'm much better than the one you've got." After they saw him totally destroy the drum kit they hired him.
Keith Moon died at the age of 32, apparently in the same hotel room in which Cass Elliot had died four years earlier.


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