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Call me a cynic but these look like bright shiny objects to me

With as many as 12 deaths possibly linked to the current out break of listeria at MapleLeaf foods coinciding with the Tories plans to cut back on federal meat inspectors, it seems like we are now getting a lot of stories about how the government is concerned about our public safety.

Here's some samples from the last three days:

Federal government deems 4 chemicals danger to humans

Burning incense increases cancer risks: study

Decline in smoking rates flatlines; cancer group blames contraband cigarettes

Stockwell Day says street gang prevention having positive impact in Montreal

Too much folic acid may trigger cancer

Netherlands shuts down reactor that produces medical isotopes
Both Natural Resources Minister Gary Lunn and Health Minister Tony Clement have issued similar statements saying the government is working to ensure that Canadians will have the isotopes they need.

And from the Health Canada site

Expert Alert - Risking your Health for Your Job?
For workers feeling refreshed from their summer holidays, Labour Day serves as a reminder that the time has come to head back to work. Many jobs can take a toll on your health, whether it is mental or physical. In order to make sure you're at your best on the job, CIHR-funded experts are available to comment on some of the work-related health risks you may not be aware of.

It's like the NRA showing up in town for a conference after a high school massacre.

Who knew the Tories were so diligent in protecting us.

References: CBC, Macleans, CNEWS and the National Post with the title ripped off in part from a couple of my favorite bloggers.


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