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Another example of Gary Lunn's micro management style

Hey I understand the appeal of the powerful oil lobby and the influence that they have over the well oiled Tory policy decisions.

But the Canadian Restaurant and Foodservices Association (CRFA)?

Apparently the NRC web site decided to tone down it’s automotive anti-idling statement after the CRFA met with the Minister in charge of Natural Resources Canada, Gary Lunn.

Unfortunately the “Idle Free Zone” website is supposed to be dedicated to helping communities and environmental groups reduce vehicle idling while consumers are waiting in line at the drive thru, for their morning double double.
According to the CBC here, the changes that were made consisted of:
  • Advising drivers to shut off their engines after 60 seconds of idling, while the previous version advocated turning engines off after 10 seconds.
  • The page no longer refers to 5,000 premature deaths annually in Canada linked to air pollution, as the previous version did, and no longer includes posters bearing images such as a girl choking and slogans such as "Idling is killing our environment."
Although not in attendance at the meeting, Carol Buckley, Director General of the Office of Energy Efficiency (OEE) confirmed that Lunn met with the CRFA on February 7th and requested that the site be shutdown on the 8th.
Buckley said the site was temporarily removed because the office didn't want to leave any misleading information online while it was being revised.
We wanted to make sure that the website reflected all of the latest data and information that was available about this topic," she said, adding that in the end the changes were "not really significant.
If the 50 seconds of idling, 5,000 premature deaths and picture of a girl choking were insignificant, why did the Minister order the site to be shutdown within 24 hours of the meeting.
The change to the recommended amount of idling time was made because of access to new research taking into account the wear and tear on a car's battery and starter caused by shutting off and restarting the engine, she said.
Previously, the site said such wear and tear was minimal.
I think the emphasis in the earlier text was a little strong. Today's vehicles are more efficient when it comes to smog emissions, she said.
Assuming that Gary didn't have several more meetings with the auto industry (who knows he might have) to verify the data over this important new research, it was more likely provided by the CRFA.

And it isn't as if the food industry is one of higher paying jobs after leaving public office and there is a limit to how much a corporation can donate to a political party or how many free donuts you can eat.

So this is probably just another example of this Minister trying to micro manage his departments.

However in typical micro managed fashion the OEE employees did exactly what was ordered and made the changes to the Idle Free Zone page of the site which now reads:
If you're going to be stopped for more than 60 seconds – except in traffic – turn the engine off. 
Unnecessary idling wastes money and fuel, and produces greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change.
However if you go to the other pages of the OEE, ecoENERGY site you come to this section entitled Canadians are Becoming Idle-Free!
Believe it or not, unnecessary idling is one of the biggest problems among Canadian motorists. Idling wastes fuel, it's hard on your vehicle, and it's damaging our environment.
Don't be fooled by the old notion that idling is good for your vehicle. In fact, the opposite is true: excessive idling can contaminate engine oil and damage engine components.
So what can you do to curb the idling habit? For starters, if you are going to be stopped for longer than 10 seconds, except in traffic, turn off the engine. More than 10 seconds of idling can use more fuel than turning off the engine and restarting it again.

I don't think this micro management thing is working out too well for you Gary. You should of just referred them to the people in charge and then backed their decision.

Similar to what should of happened with the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC).

Reference CBC here.


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