Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Well at least they didn’t pledge to double emissions by 2050

And with this simple 72 word statement:

All the G8 leaders got what they came for.
  • The five European countries get to go home and claim that the G8 committed to cut emissions in half by 2050.
  • The Prime Minister of Japan got to stipulate that his industries would not have the same targets as other countries industries.
  • The US got to say that they are not locked in if China and India don't participate and that the target is a really worldwide goal, not necessarily for them.
  • And Canada got a "Yo Harper, good job. heh, heh and hey where's the Bear Man, I want him to pull my finger again,"

Reference BBC here.

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Anonymous said...

They don't care, period. Volunteers and bloggers are utterly taken advantage of. Afterall we're easily replaceable. Don't forget on July 4, 1776, King George III made one entry in his diary. "Nothing important happened," he wrote. And that basically says it all. Besides they will all be in uber elite nursing homes by then.