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This didn't take long: Nazi waxwork beheaded

Merlin Entertainments Group, who acquired Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, as part of their Tussauds Group purchase last year, decided to open their newest wax museum this month in Berlin.

Despite the fact that Nazi symbols are banned in Germany, the company decided to create publicity for the opening by featuring a controversial "Hitler in the bunker"exhibition.

"We are portraying the history of Germany we could hardly have left him out... we want to show the reality. said Madame Tussauds

Yesterday just hours after the new attraction opened, a 41 year old man tore it's head off. He was taken into custody.

Personally I really dislike wax museums, I find it eerie to look at semi-lifelike depictions of dead people. I guess I've been to too many funerals.

However this new interactivity option just might work for Merlin. They could just make a whack of spare heads. Visitors could then take turns at ripping the heads off their favorite "most despicable human" in history. 

Hey they have a George W. Bush in all eight of their locations.

And they could raise the fees, it's anything for a buck, right.

Reference BBC here.


Dr.Dawg said…
That's a fabulous idea! Good work.
Thanks Dr. D. I appreciate that.

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