Monday, July 21, 2008

McCains New Pump Ad is so ridiculous, it is actually funny

This ad was released by McCain's campaign today. McCain is flat out blaming Obama for the high US gas prices, because he will not agree to start offshore drilling.

So far the ad has had 3,800 views, from 14 blog posts and over 140 comments. The majority of comments are negative, with a mixture of anger at McCain to outright laughing at him.

Like any other form of advertising, the first objective is to get people to hear the message and then keep repeating the selling points over and over again. The target market in this case is the independent voter or undecideds if there are any left in the US. 

So I guess on that point I am actually helping McCain.

Unfortunately for McCain the response so far has been more negative than positive. So maybe I'm not.

But give it a week and a big effort by staffers to post positive comments they might be able to turn that around. There are enough crazy right wingers out there to follow the ad around. 

Hey I might get some visiting here.

The ongoing numbers for the video and in reality the success or failure of the ad can be tracked at Viral Video Chart here at least while it remains in the top 100.

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