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Here's an excuse to change your mind Mr. Harper: Take it

On Friday a US federal judge will decide whether the first war crimes trial at Guantanamo Bay will proceed or be postponed again.
The lawyers for Osama bin Laden's former chauffeur and bodyguard are arguing for the suspension of the Gitmo trials based on the decision handed down from the US Supreme Court, last June.

The US Justice Department is arguing that the trials by military tribunal should go ahead as planned, ignoring the Supreme Court decision.

The Supreme Court decision restored Habeas Corpus rights to approximately 260 of the prisoners held in Guantanamo allowing them the right to contest their detention.
If the federal judge backs the Supreme Court many believe that Gitmo will be closed and that the US will put more pressure on the repatriation of the prisoners as opposed to moving them to US facilities and going through public trials.

It would appear that Bush is already starting to push that scenario.
The Supreme Court decision has "complicated the situation in Guantanamo," Bush told a press conference Tuesday.

"My view all along has been either send them back home, or give them a chance to have a day in court," the president said. "I still believe that makes sense."
If the Federal Judge allows the trials to proceed they have already been ruled illegal by US constitutional standards, not to mention Canadian rule of law.

If the Gitmo proceess can't proceed, Bush doesn't want to face open courts and public trials in the US.

So there you have it Mr. Harper, come Friday you will either have a reason to bring Khadar home or permission to bring him home.

Pick one.

Reference from AFP via Raw News here


It is a little strange that Bush, McCain and Obama are ALL in favour of repatriating Guantanamo prisoners back to their home countries, and yet Prime Minister Harper stubbornly refuses to help them out.

He's such a knee jerk anti-American our PM.

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