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Having Canada Day on a Tuesday reeks havoc on scheduling web team postings

It started on Monday when Harper's web team posted his Canada Day message a day early. The message started with “Today, Confederation turns 141 years old and there are more reasons than ever to celebrate our country...".

Dion's team posted on Monday also, but started his congratulatory message with "On July 1, Canadians at home and abroad will celebrate..." at least getting the day right.

We didn't even get a Canada Day message from the NDP web team, I guess Jack gave them a four day weekend.

The National Post web team seemed to be confused also, posting the "Jonathan Kay: Morgentaler is no monster" hit piece at least 10 times over two days. You would think with Gail Asper, daughter of Izzy and a  director CanWest Global being one of the 75 to receive the honor this year, she would at least get a mention. Unfortunately they seem more interested in creating controversy than celebrating accomplishments.

The Globe was doing okay, until this morning, when they reposted this article from November 2006 about "Justin Trudeau takes another dig at Ignatieff". 

And finally Google forgot to wish us Happy Canada Day on their web site yesterday. Their response to an enquiry from the Globe was: 
“We enjoy celebrating holidays at Google and are sorry we missed one that's special to you. As you may imagine, it's difficult for us to choose which events to celebrate on our site. We have a long list of holidays that we'd like to celebrate in the future. We have to balance this rotating calendar with the need to maintain the consistency of the Google homepage.”
I mean they celebrated the invention of "the kite" for crying out loud. 

I bet they remember July 4th.


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