Thursday, June 19, 2008

Tory aides warned: listening to John McCain is like watching Young People F***king

"When Republican presidential nominee John McCain addresses a sold-out luncheon on Friday it will be hard to find a Conservative politician in the crowd."
Similar to the special pre-release screening of the film "Young People Fucking" in Ottawa, a couple weeks ago, the Prime Ministers Office has warned the Tories to avoid John McCain's speech on Friday afternoon.
"Prime Minister Stephen Harper will be out of town -- rumours suggest his absence is more than just convenient timing -- and he declined to meet with Mr. McCain, sources say. The Prime Minister's Office, concerned about the optics, also advised staff working for MPs to avoid the speech."
Although I would agree, that most of McCain's talking points are perverse, I imagine that it might be difficult for many of the young neocons to resist hearing him speak. I assume, Harper has told Conservative MP Gary Goodyear not to fire anybody this time.

From the National Post here and the CBC here.

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