Monday, June 9, 2008

Pump ad protest opportunities lost

As per this CTV breaking news report here, Fuel Cast Network the company that runs the Point of Sale advertising at fuel stations apparently won't allow political ads. 

Now that is disappointing, Stage Left, BigCityLib, Dr. Dawg, John Waugh, Red Tory and others were getting a great protest organized where we could actually give Steve and his Neocons some direct Southern Ontario feedback.

You would think if you announced your campaign to the press saying you were going to be on the pumps, you set up your web site with pictures of pumps, you even send out emails with pumps, that you would at least check to make sure that Fuel Cast would run the ads.

These Tories are either the poorest marketers I've ever seen, I mean you must of had a contract right or they realized they were going to get their ass handed to them at the pumps.

Come on they chose an oil spill as their spokesperson, only a Tory would think that was cute.

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