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One step at a time, Stephane

Stephan, your excuse, for going AWOL on the second reading of this abortion of a bill, was that Liberal leaders traditionally do not vote on private member bills, at least according to my MP.

So your vow yesterday, to defeat bill C-484 in third reading is a good sign, that you are finally realizing that Harper is not playing by the same rules as the rest of you are.

You will most likely need to whip your caucus to get the votes, which if successful would be a step in the right direction to reclaiming your leadership and in focussing your members.

But my guess is that Harper won’t let the bill go for a third reading. He doesn’t like to loose and the only positive in the bill being defeated would be to blame the Liberals.

His evangelical base that want this bill are not going to desert Harper either way. So instead of giving you the opportunity to take credit in the bills defeat and possibly increase solidarity within your own party, the bill will die on the vine.

Hey, you did the right thing anyway.

You are running 4th in Quebec, Stephane and continuing to do the right thing, is about the only chance you have in stopping Harper from getting his majority in the next election. So continue taking the high road, act with principle and start becoming the official opposition, it might even get you some additional votes.

And by the way it would of been nice to hear you apologize for doing the wrong think last time, but hey, one step at a time.


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