Thursday, June 26, 2008

The new Greenpeace "Explore Alberta - Travel Video"

From the CBC here.
Greenpeace has launched a tongue-in-cheek website touting the tourism potential of the Alberta oil sands.

The Greenpeace-produced site promises visitors "beautiful black sand beaches [that] stretch for miles," toxic lakes and clearcut forests.

"Try open-pit paragliding and ride the unique coal bed methane and sour gas updrafts," a male announcer says over a slide show of familiar Alberta landmarks, grinning tourists and panoramic shots of the oil sands.
The Greenpeace site is in answer to the $25 million campaign that CAPP is launching to improve the environmental image of Alberta's energy industry. has the details and facts here.

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Beijing York said...

That was really well done. I first heard about it on CBC's "As It Happens".