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Harper in Quebec continuing his "you are best" pre-election tour

It appears that Harper has started touring the country during the parliamentary break getting ready for an expected fall election.

Last week Steve was out west cursing the Liberals and reminding the western nationalists about Trudeau and the NEP. This week he is in Quebec declaring that the conservatives are the true Quebec nationalists.
From the Gazette.

Harper reminded a "seemingly hastily organized" group of local conservatives about his resolution in the House of Commons stating that Quebecers form a nation within Canada. "One of the proudest moments for me as prime minister is when I recognized this reality," he added.

"After the speech, Harper served hot dogs and posed for photos".
I expect that we will see more photos of Steve on July 1st, in Ottawa for Canada Day, where he will confirm that Canada is a diverse nation.

At this rate I would not be surprised if Steve shows up in Southern Ontario in August, suddenly realizing that Toronto is the center of the universe.

No, on second thought I don't think that will happen.

Give it a rest Steve, just eat the damn hot dog, get your picture taken and let the Quebecois have their holiday. That's what the other party leaders did.


Mé said…
Harper in Seoul, South Korea: "Where are your statues of your Great Leader, Kim Il Sung? I need a statue showing me in front of Queen's Park in Toronto. I hear them people there call me 'The Huge One!' (aka the Big D.)" (Did I write "South Korea?"}

Harper at an opening ceremonial handshake at a Toronto FC soccer game: "See, I'm in Toronto for Pride Week. I'm actually shaking hands with a bunch of burly muscular ethnically challenged men who like to play such a gay sport as soccer. I'm apologizing for my comment because I need your vote. I apologize to all youse ethnics."

Harper at Kitchener's Oktoberfest: "Ich bin ein Frankfurter! Wo ist Romper Room?"
You're right he's going to be everywhere. It's going to be a long, long summer.


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