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Do you think the title might have been a problem

This whole Young People Fucking thing strikes me as totally absurd.

Apparently the film has been held up as an example by proponents of Bill C-10, which would allow the government to deny tax credits to a Canadian movie that it deems "contrary to public policy". So the director/producer wanted to prove that their film wasn't offensive and invited those who might be voting on the bill to view a special screening.

So you've got a movie that premiered at the Toronto Film Festival last September. With one quick Google search, the first hit is a review of the film. So you know you're not being invited to view kiddy porn or probably even a pubic hair from the description.

But still from the article here, we've supposedly got several Conservative MPs, who were originally invited to the screening, scrambling around, saying that their names were listed by mistake and they had no intention to attend in the first place.

And as a side plot we've got someone named Victoria van Eyk, a political aide or assistant for some backbencher named Goodyear (at least I never heard of him before). She gets fired, allegedly, for ordering tickets to show.

The whole thing is utterly absurd. The Conservative MPs look ridiculous, Goodyear sounds like an idiot and their bill C-10 a joke, if you are going to judge movies by their title. I assume that was the point of the promotion. 

But even the actions of the film makers seem illogical. Could you not pick another title for your movie other than Young People Fucking. I mean half the movie going public isn't going to go because they are conservative and think it contains young people fucking and half of the people that do go will be pissed off because they weren't.

And in fairness to the Conservative MPs, maybe they just don't like young people. Do you really want to go to a movie with the young people that you work with. 

Or they probably just wanted to relax after a rough week (Bernier and all) and just watch the new Rambo 2008 that came out on DVD this week. Hey it's Stallone, one of their people, a McCain guy. Check out the trailer.


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