Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Time for all of us to get behind Steve and help him out

This morning the Globe reported here.
That the National Capital Commission has told the auditor general's office that the Prime Minister's official residence at 24 Sussex Drive, hasn't had major renovations in 50 years and needs $10 million of work and that the occupants would have to move out for 12 to 15 months to get that work done. Harper's office responded that the prime minister has no intention of moving out of the official residence until his term is up
At a time like this we should all put our differences behind us, especially us progressives. I think that it is important that the whole country comes together and support Steve in his decision and as quickly as possible end his term as Prime Minister.

I'm behind you Steve and I solemnly promise that I will do everything I can to end your term as soon as possible. It is the right thing to do for this treasured Canadian landmark and the right thing to do for our country. You're welcome.

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