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Steve, your fascism is starting to show here

Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one national or ethnic group, a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach.

Three articles from the Globe this morning give us a prelude to what Steve's Canada will look like, if he ever gets his majority.
Dion assails Harper over Omar Khadr: Dion finally got some press in Parliament by going after Harper on Omar Khadr's case. As most of us know, Khadr was 15 when the US picked him up in Afghanistan and after six years he is now going to trial (or the US military version of one). The fact that he was 15 and the fact that evidence was withheld that might exonerate him, the trial proceeds. Meanwhile our government, unlike most other governments in the world has taken no steps to re-patriate him. Somewhat controversial for Dion, since Khadar's family in Canada seem like complete assholes, but that doesn't mean that the kid is not being railroaded and as Dion points out he is a Canadian citizen. But in Harper's "Sins of the father world" not the right type of Canadian citizen, unfortunately)
The second article is about another Canadian citizen that Steve doesn't want back. Abousfian Abdelrazik ended up on our new Canadian "no fly list" (you know, the one we can't see) and was refused re-entry to Canada. In fact CSIS had the Sudanese government pick him up. Well, he was released, but Steve won't let him back into the country. So Abousfian is holed up in the Canadian embassy and his family is now suing the Government to let him be reenter the country. 
(Note to self and any new Canadian citizens make sure you leave the country with a passport and a party membership card. It might help you get back in)
And finally a story about Deputy Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff. Apparently Iggy was invited to a party in Colllingwood for the opening of a new library. Not to speak, just as a guest. Since Collingwood is a represented by the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Helena Guergis, Iggy notified her office that he would be attending the party. Then from the article "Mr. Ignatieff's tour organizer, Alexis Levine, says he was advised by library board vice-chairman Paul Dulmage it would "just make things a whole lot easier if he did not come anywhere near the place." That's right Steve's going to cut you off if you invite those Liberals in.
In all fairness Steve, you are probably more of an ideologue with fascist tendencies, that an outright fascist. At least in a minority situation.

Unfortunately Steve, being Prime Minister is a little more difficult than being the CEO of the NCC (National Citizens Coalition). We actually have more than one party (a kind of democratic thing, you know like the Americans) and even more importantly Steve, unlike your NCC members we come in different colours with different beliefs. 

Tough keeping up this new image, eh Steve.


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