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I really like this group even the government trolls

I'm new and I don't get a lot of traffic, so I read my site meter often. (it's an ego thing, I'm afraid). Anyway I'm absolutely blown away by the amount of Government trolling that goes on and the number of Government desktops that appear in, I am sure, all of our site meters. You do a post about the duck slaughter and the next day you find both the Alberta Forestry Lands and Wildlife, as well as the feds at Resources Canada have quickly dropped by and checked out the posts.

On one hand you hope it's not a bunch of bored employees looking for something to laugh at their bosses about (they should have more important things to do. Like stop killing off our wildlife and the planet in general) and on the other you hope that big brother is not going to come down on you for some libelous statement that you made in the middle of a rant. Apparently our current federal government has a tendency to sue people.

And it's not just these somewhat paranoid neocon, reformers either. The site has had other provincial governments, anonymous members of Parliament, even the US State department drop by to check out a post. It looks like they are just checking the noise level on the street, so to speak. But I guess that is the power of the blogosphere that the big sites I read every day are talking about.

Interestingly on the duck slaughter searches, Alberta used the typical Google method, while Resources Canada went straight to Progressive Bloggers. So I think I joined the right group. I just need to do a good enough post that directs enough readers to a specific government page, so that the Minister in charge gets a personal message so to speak and then comes a searching. Tried last week but the post wasn't good enough. I'll keep working on that and thanks for letting me into your group.


Canajun said…
Welcome aboard - trolls and all.

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