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Dead Duck Leadership

Harper has jumped into full damage control over the death of the ducks.
Prime Minister Stephen Harper says there's no doubt that Canada's environmental image has been hurt by the deaths of 500 ducks on a toxic oilsands tailings pond in northern Alberta. Harper says this loss of wildlife should not have happened and he says federal officials are investigating.
A little bit late to worry about our environmental image Steve.
You see Steve, there is this big black hole in Alberta about the size of Florida that is currently spewing 27 megatonnes of Greenhouse gases each year and is expected to leap to over 100 megatonnes by 2015 as the Tar sands expands. Because it is taking up to 7 barrels of water to extract 1 barrel of oil, the water levels of the Athabasca River and the MacKenzie Valley watershed are being seriously depleted. First Nation lands are being destroyed without their permission. There is a giant pond of sludge that is the byproduct of the extraction process that is too toxic to be returned to the Athabasca waterway. One of many more to come.
There's a big black hole in Alberta that you can be seen from outer space and Steve's government has promised the strictest of environmental standards starting in 2015.
Meanwhile Stelmach Alberta's Premier is threatening to lay charges against Syncrude (not the ducks thankfully) and at the same time reminded the Globe that wind turbines kill 30,000 birds annually.


Sean S. said…
don't forget about the Sulfur piles....
Saskboy said…
Alberta's wind farms probably kill less than 5% of that claimed total kills. Anyway, it shows where his heart is... dipped in oil.

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