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CNN talking head implies Hillary is a bitch

"This is Hillary Clinton we are taking about. Some women, by the way, are named that, and it's accurate," Castellanos said. He went on to buttress his case by pointing out that Hillary is "abrasive, aggressive, irritating." Raw News

And maybe she is.


HT said…
"And maybe she is"
Why do you print that? I have been following the primary tactics for awhile, and have been reading and listening. I am curious as to why you would indicate that she might be a bitch.
I've also been visiting here for awhile but have never commented, until now. I may comment in future, one never knows

I typically do not comment here and rarely anywhere else. Usually because I somewhat agree, with both the positive and unfortunately also the negative feedback received. But I have been thinking about your question (I have an ingrained respect for old war horses).

Originally in the middle of the night when I pasted the YouTube code, I thought I was just adding a somewhat trite comment and moving on.

But as it always seems to occur, there is some subconscious reasoning here. I think the reason I said “Maybe” is because I am really not sure whether Hillary is just acting in an arrogant, stubborn, spiteful manner (the Clinton’s never give up thing) or whether she is actually doing what she should be doing. Clinging on in spite the rapidly expanding collective wisdom, that she should back out for the good of the party.

Running for the presidency is a very big money deal (probably the biggest I would assume) and she is the product that a lot of people and organizations, both known and unknown have invested in (both monetarily and emotionally). She can’t just quit until there is a consensus that she do so from those investors and probably for her own sake some terms stipulated to cover the losses.

It’s not that I’m a big Obama fan. I don’t believe that a campaign that well organized is just about a new message of hope/change for the America. However it truly was impressive to see 72,000 Americans show up to hear him speak, when you compare that to invited guests only, signing loyalty oaths to hear Bush back in 2004.

Personally either one of them is a big improvement over Bush and certainly a safer bet than McCain.

As for Hillary, I believe that her party will eventually work out a deal to allow her to quit or maybe my somewhat cynical and I’ll admit ill-informed opinion of how politics actually works is all bullshit and it is just the Clinton’s never give up thing.

The other point that was interesting about your comment, was that when you consider all the cheap shots that are posted about politicians on this blog, the only shot that’s gets a comment is about Hillary.

Of course you might be the only person that reads the posts. Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.


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