Friday, May 2, 2008

Another Harper, Bush like momemt

Today Harper flew over the flood zones in New Brunswick. That's right just like George did over New Orleans (well similarly anyway). Steve "is touring areas of New Brunswick hit by the flooding of the St. John River."

I love reading the CBC reports on Harper. Here's a direct clip from the article:
Harper arrived in Fredericton on Friday afternoon, where he boarded a military helicopter to survey the flood damage in the Maugerville area. Harper said a lot of houses appeared to be under water and people were upset but New Brunswickers were handling the flooding well.
"Harper said a lot of houses appeared to be under water" Simply beautiful.

Anyway this is all great PR opportunities for Steve as he tests the waters (so to speak) for an election. Two days ago he was in Edmonton saving ducks and today he is flying over the flood waters of those lazy east coasters. You can just hear him, in the chopper, turning to Premier Graham "Look Shawn, for christ sake make sure that none of these fucking people start congregating at hockey arenas."

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