Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Finding someone that likes Steve

Fox News North National Post has a new puff piece framing Harper's traditional conservative support for what I assume are the declining number of Progressive Conservatives that the neocons need to diversify their base. They had to dig pretty deep, coming up with Kim Campbell. I guess quoting Mulroney's praises just won't cut it anymore or more likely were no longer being offered.

Anyway the best Kim could come up with was that "Harpers competent but too controlling". Not quite sure what basis Kim is using for comparison, but Harpers team certainly seems as inexperienced as hers was during her short as Prime Minister. Just as inexperienced, but a lot more arrogant. Kim sugested that "Harper needs to be a little bit franker about what he would do if he got a majority government."

Sure Kim, asking a Neocon to be open and honest about their agenda is the same as asking a leopard to change it's spots, or little Johnny to quit swearing in class or a snake to get up and walk or.... well you know what I mean.

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